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Politicians throw punches regarding Hiring Equity-Updated Aug.24

Anti-poverty group fights back

A letter commenting on recent federal politicians’ questioning of the merits of Employment Equity has been posted by a group which created a Colours Against Poverty Campaign (COPC). It states:

“Based on data available for the core public service in 2008-2009,   visible minorities were represented at 9.8%, a figure that was much lower than their workforce availability rate at 15.3%.

The fact that discrimination persists despite governments’ best efforts should motivate our political leaders to redouble their resolve to advance policies and programs to make our workplace truly inclusive.   That Minister’s Jason Kenney and Stockwell Day are now asking for a review of the Public Service Employment Act suggests either a lack of understanding of the purpose or the mechanics of the Employment Equity Act, or an attempt to divert attention away from the Government’s failure to deliver on its obligation to eradicate discrimination in employment.”

Good for COPC for taking a stand against the short-cited comments of the federal Conservative politicians.

Commentary can be read at:

Policy Called Into Question


I’m not at all sure why politicians and media are all of the sudden discussing the merits of “affirmative action”, the controversial American term instead of our own Canadian Employment Equity. Nonetheless, often when workers  feel insecure about their jobs due to a limping economy, the issue appears amidst political talk.

Click here to read what they are saying


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