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GoodFoot means business

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Individuals with disabilities sometimes have to be very creative to develop their own job opportunities.

GoodFoot business


Where we work – Aug.25

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Honda workers

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Update to Employment Equity posting-Aug.24

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Politicians throw punches

QUE:  Do you have an opinion on employment equity ?

Canadians in Time Crunch

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A report released by CIW (The Canadian Index of Wellbeing Network) reinforced what many Canadian workers have felt for the last decade:

…more of us are working non-standard hours (weekends, evenings, nights and rotating shifts) and looking after children and seniors, while fewer of us are able to participate in social activities, attend arts performances or volunteer for culture and recreation organizations. The steep price we’re paying for this includes poorer physical and mental health and less satisfaction with the quality of our lives.


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Flexible employers

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Work/family life balance: Canadian companies banking on flexibility

Some strategies are more successful than others as regards work/family life balance. According to a recent study by Hewitt & Associates, a human resources consulting and outsourcing firm, the most popular measures focus on flexibility:

– 86% of organizations offer flexible work hours for all or part of their employees

– 77% permit allow all or some employees to telecommute regularly

– 74% offer additional paid time off for personal reasons in addition to regular vacation time

– 65% allow time off for educational purposes

– 54% allow some or all employees to job share

– 43% authorize a compressed work week

– 36% offer sabbatical leave

– 32% support volunteerism by providing extra paid time off

The 164 Canadian companies that responded to this survey reported that only a third of their employees worked a regular full-time work week (35 to 40 hours a week). 45% worked from 1 to 5 hours extra a week, 23% 5 to 10 hours more and 1% 10 to 15 additional hours.

By Priscilla Franken – Good to know of Jul 08, 2010

Retrieved from on Aug. 16 2010

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Bill 139 Affects You

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Bill 139 affects businesses that employ temporary workers. With approximately 1/5 workers in some type of alternative work arrangement, this legislation will help improve conditions for many Canadians.

Bill 139

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Maximizing Senior Talent

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The transition to part-time work or consulting for a full-time employee of a company is often easier, than a new hire. There are ways, however, to help your new senior worker (in this article individuals over 40 years old with a minimum of 15 years work experience).

From HR Professional magazine, July/August 2010