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Students working hard

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An article in the Toronto Star states that “Sixty-four per cent of those who responded to the survey agreed that paid work is hindering students’ academic success” (responders being Ontario professors).

As a college teacher I would agree that tuition, books, and living expenses are higher than they were when I went to school. It is taking a risk to plan on having a summer job that will pay the following school year’s bills, as was the case when I went to post-secondary school.

In reality, this is just another example of how we are all working harder today to pay for bills. Many employees have not had significant raises for at least 10 years, even if they are lucky enough to have regular jobs. It is logical that this situation trickles down so that whole families are affected and parents can’t assist children with the costs of their education. Businesses are affected by customers with less disposable income which affects employment. What happens in the economy influences student success as it always has.

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Woman sues government

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In an era when we can easily share and disseminate points of view in our global technologically-savvy village, it is a shock to learn that our own backyard has some obstructions which prevent a visually-impaired woman to have equal access.  Even more shocking, it is the gatekeeper of our backyard (in this case, our government) is at fault.  The article following is a profound insight into an unfortunate collision between disability, inaccessibility to information, & the need to update laws regard Internet information.

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Trev Walker, B.A./B.Ed.

Seniors For Hire

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If you’re interesting in improving your prospects or jumping back into the workforce, here’s a link for you. Employers and co-workers can benefit from the skills and knowledge of mature workers.

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Link to assist teachers with international educations

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Teachers with international backgrounds bring a wealth of different experiences and knowledge to our schools. In a global economy where diverse workers and customers are the norm, this is a true asset for Canadian students.

Ontario College of Teachers

Workers fighting wildfires in Saratov, Russia

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Do you know how Arthritis affects your co-workers ?

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Individuals of all ages can be affected by arthritis. Most workers can continue to remain productive if assisted by their employer with simple accomodations.

Arthritis and workers

Restructuring of EI Payroll Premiums

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