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Skilled Immigrants Bolster Innovation

According to a new Conference Board of Canada study, immigrants can increase Canada’s role as an innovation creator. In the report titled “Immigrants as Innovators: Boosting Canada’s Global Competitiveness”, researchers state that “At every level of analysis, immigrants are shown to have an impact on innovation performance that is benefiting Canada. Some interesting statistics included are that:
-At least 35% of an estimated 1800 Canada Research chairs are foreign-born

-Immigrants to Canada win proportionally more prestigious literary and performing art awards

-Immigration increases innovation by expanding Canada’s trade relations

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A report by the Information Technology Association of Canada (ICT) states:

[The information technology] industry depends upon a strong supply of knowledge workers as its primary (indeed in some cases its exclusive) natural resource for the generation of economic output. Without the assurance of a strong resource of highly qualified people, ICT businesses are simply unsustainable.

As a jurisdiction, Ontario can never hope to compete with others on the quantity of highly qualified people it produces. China and India, through their own industrial policies, are producing exponentially more graduates than we can ever hope to. But Ontario’s knowledge-based labour pool can compete on quality if the right strategic decisions are made.

Skilled immigrants are an important part of the supply of labour available to the ICT industry. Yet immigrants frequently face challenges in integrating into the workforce (language, lack of access to business networks, and issues regarding validation of foreign credentials). Overcoming these challenges would position Ontario, which is already a preferred destination for immigrants, with a key competitive advantage in the quality of its workforce.

Information Technology Association of Canada ICT Industry Report to MEDT

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