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Bill 138 – the Registered Human Resources Professionals Act, 2010

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Has been introduced as a private member’s bill. It has far reaching powers including:

  • Continue to permit persons to practise in the field of human resources without being a member of the HRPA.
  • Establish several professional designations signifying membership in the HRPA and member status and qualifications. Misuse of these designations would be an offence for which persons could be subject to a $25,000 fine.
  • Establish a complaints, discipline and appeal process, which could include the awarding of costs against a member.
  • The HRPA would be given broad powers in respect of members found to have engaged in professional misconduct.
  • Provide for investigations and “practice inspections” and empower investigators and inspectors to enter business premises, question individuals (including anyone who works with the practitioner) and require the production of documents or things believed to be relevant to the investigation.  The Bill would make obstruction of an investigator or inspector an offence, with liability of up to $25,000 upon conviction.
  • Give the HRPA wide powers to determine whether a member has the capacity to engage in a human resources practice.

The bill has not been passed yet. Progress can be followed at:


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