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Today’s Workers not Retiring

Current employees whether they are 55 or 70, tend to keep working. Since they are generally healthy and well-connected, this age group prefers to stay busy. A worldwide Barclay survey found that “40% of wealthy individuals who have retired have opted to work part-time….individuals want to remain active and engaged yet desire more freedom as well as more time for their families and avocations”.

Those of you who have heard my thoughts on this matter know that I am concerned about the next generation of workers (GenXers, GenYers, and the Millenials, all aged 20-45) and their ability to enter and move through the workforce with sufficient quality opportunities. Hopefully older workers who continue to stay employed, will hire younger workers, pass on their knowledge, and keep their money circulating in the economy.

Every generation owes the upcoming one something to hope for.


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