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What happened in 18 months ?

In fall 2009 our federal government said it was determined to decrease the time it took Canadian immigrants to prove their credentials once they arrived here.  The goal was to enable foreign trained professionals to establish the acceptability of their education within 1 year. At the time, Minister Diane Finley, the Federal Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development and Co-Chair of the Forum of Labour Market Ministers said “Attracting and retaining the best international talent to address existing and future labour market challenges is critical to Canada’s long-term economic success. Ensuring that foreign credentials and qualifications are assessed and recognized in a timely manner will enable newcomers to maximize their talents.” As a result Canada would take advantage of the numerous benefits of skilled professionals occupying correct jobs; higher incomes resulting in greater economic stimulus and higher taxes paid, professionally trained workers with the right skills and experience meeting citizens’ needs, and higher morale in the Canadians workforce.

Currently, however, the same federal government plans to cut funding to many service agencies that assist newcomers with essential steps including establishing residences, finances, and professional accreditation. “The cuts in Ontario alone…could prove fatal for a number of agencies that help settle immigrants”says Kibrom Debru, Executive director of the Eritrean Canadian Community Centre. He is in charge of one of the many Ontario-based immigrant agencies which received news that federal government cuts total would total $44-million.

Is it me, or is the logic missing in this lack of strategy ?


Federal cuts threaten immigrant agencies

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