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Glencore Sexist Remarks

April 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Grr…..Recently in England, the new chairman of Glencore International AG, Simon Murray has faced criticism since he made disparaging remarks about half the population. He commented to the Sunday Telegraph that “pregnant ladies have nine months off” and that women “have a tendency not to be so involved quite often…[and are not] so ambitious in business.” He continued, saying “Do you think that means that when I rush out, what I’m absolutely desperate to have is young women who are about to get married in my company, and that I really need them on the board because I know they’re going to get pregnant and they’re going to go off for nine months?” Murray’s statements have been called “inappropriate, ill-judged, and disappointing.” by many including Lord Davies, who led a recent inquiry into male dominance in the boardrooms of organizations in the U.K. If given the chance I would like to ask Simon Murray, who are the ones marrying these young women and having children? Also, have you considered your company will be short important resources in the future if young couples don’t have families?!?

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Ontario Speaks many Languages

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Many information guides on Employment Standards and health and safety are now available in different languages.

Links can be found at:


Avoid an injury

Have you hear of ergonomics software ? None too soon, as I mouse with my left hand, I started using StopNow! this week.

Link to site

It’s software you load that reminds you when to take a break from computer work. You set the parametres such as resting for 5 minutes after each 30 minutes typing. An icon flashes at you, and makes a sound until you stop typing. It also restarts the 5 minutes’ rest if you break your break with an “I just have to click this one thing”.  Even if you know intellectually you should take breaks from computer work, it can be hard to force yourself.  This particular program costs $25, however there are several free ergonomics programs listed at:

Free ergonomics software

Trust me – it’s better to break before your body is sore.

Further information on desk pain and be found at:


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