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Where is your Employer ?

November 7, 2011 Leave a comment

The findings of a new report completed by Deloitte  point to gaps in productivity caused by a Canadian workplace that fails to welcome and support foreign born workers. While some professional associations have started streamlining the recognition of foreign credentials, there are more than 440 regulatory bodies in Canada, many which have not begun to seek efficiencies in their procedures. As a result, Deloitte found there is a growing fear among progressive companies that Canada is going to lose workers to other countries if these systemic problems are not corrected.

So where is your employer in this spectrum of businesses succeeding and failing to hire and integrate new Canadians ?

If you want resources to evaluate or improve your company’s benefits from the knowledge level, language skills, and range in diversity provided by foreign born workers , there are many offered through the public sector and private consulting services. A few are listed below:

The Alliance sector of councils – Gateway potential

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council


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