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Can Minister Kenney manage Transformational Change ?

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Toronto Star posts “Her turn for job losses”

An article in The Star points to upcoming losses in jobs creating a “she-cession”.  Armine Yalnizyan, a senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives explains:

What happens in every recession is the first wave is a ‘he-cession’. The first thing that gets hit is the stuff we trade and buy, which are predominantly male jobs. Any prolonged recession hits women, because we reduce discretionary spending on services. The third wave is if governments decide on austerity and public-sector cuts, and the public sector is a female-dominated sector.

Some of the losses are expected in federal jobs (up to 160,000 one union states), health care and education (6,000 jobs expected by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association) and administrative support across all industries.

From The Toronto Star, Feb. 25 2012, B1, B4 by Dana Flavelle

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