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Canadian Pension Updates – as of April 16, ’12

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The age to receive OAS, old age security, has been increased from 65-67. You can also choose to defer taking your OAS until much later thereby increasing it.  If the legislation passes, you can start deferring as soon as July 2012. The Star gives the example “Rita who turns 65 in December 2013, plans to work for as long as she can. She ops to work until 70. Here pension will then be $8,814, rather that $6,481 (in 2012 dollars).

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New website helps new English speakers Enunciate Better

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Brock University linguistics professor Ron Thomson created a free site to help new Canadians with pronouncing English. “The focus of these tools is to help non-English speakers better hear differences between different English sounds”, he says. Job candidates who are able to be understood very clearly in English with a softer accent, can find the job search easier than others. Thomson’s English Accent Coach is a free website, or mobilphiles can pay $1.99 for the app.

From The Toronto Star, March 12, 2012  GT3

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