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Employers requiring candidate Facebook passwords? Where’s the logic folks?



Is it possible to restrict employees from Internet at work ? In a word, no.

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Education Technology Conference

Use of software applications have been used for many years now to teach students and employees new materials. This year’s ETC conference had exciting workshops on new technological tools to use for learning. The Apple I P OD touch has hundreds of possible applications, for a low cost or free price. Social media was of course content for many presentations and workshops. A hands on interactive workshop was held on how to use in  education both for class exercises and teaching content.


Bitstrips May presentation May 26

Free Virtual Conference Dec.1-2 (today and tomorrow)

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German firms blocking Facebook over security fears: report

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Many of Germany’s top companies are blocking access to Facebook and other social networking sites over fears of industrial espionage and other security concerns, according to a report released this week.

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Technology’s effect on young workers

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Don Tapscott, a Canadian author and executive, writes about business strategy. In this video clip he describes how the Internet and other innovations have effected the age group some called Millenials (15-25 yrs old currently).

As with all theorists who analyze age groups I think he has some great points, and some less so. In Canada, the high numbers of this group who volunteer have been “strongly encouraged” by high school requirements, university entrance requirements, and parental influence.  This doesn’t diminish the good works they do, but is worth noting.

The great intelligence he notes is true, however we still have high levels of students leaving high school. There are many reasons for the fact that “it has never been more competitive to get into post secondary institutions” including the double cohort year, decreased funding, and the recession.

Tapscott lists some important generalities in this video however his backup points need a little more clarity.

Dan Tapscott video clip-Growing up Digital

Turning the e-page

June 7, 2010 3 comments

Symtext, a company which has been selling its own Liquid Textbooks since 2008, is currently working with 25 professors in Canada and the U.S., and that number will rise to 100 in the fall.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. Some textbook publishers currently offer electronic versions of textbooks, however I have been told by teachers that students like the ability to use their books hands on, whether for reading, making notes in them, or keeping them for future reference material.

The advantage with the Liquid Textbook, is that texts can be customized including portions of other books. Symtext would work with the publishers with regards to royalties. Teachers and students could also communicate with eachother in the interactive environment.

Students (of any age): What are your thoughts ? Would you appreciate the portability and flexible use of the books ?

Symtext information:

Turning the page

Symtext aims to disrupt the $10 Billion textbook industry